Friday, September 13, 2013

Envy No More

For the longest time, I’ve marveled at stories about singers and other artists being discovered as a result of their postings on youtube. I envied artists with their stuff drifting out there in cyberspace. It’s all about possibility.

Envy no more. My goal heading into the studio August 3rd was to get some of my own stuff out there in the youtube universe!

I’ve written more than 120 original songs and, over the years, recorded close to half of them. The last time I went into a studio to record music was in 2003. I recorded several jazz standards. Since then, my jazz trio has performed on telethons, at Montreal’s tennis event and in Dominion Square Park.

To help me finally get music on youtube, I enlisted the help of  monster jazz bassist, Dave Watts and videojournalist, Matt Consalvo.

My knee hasn’t been the same since I fell carrying my bass drum up the stairs at home. It happened as I was loading the car with my drums to go to the studio. I still feel it.

My plan heading in, was to record eight songs! Ridiculous. I recorded six, but none of them sound the way I hoped they would. Realistically, I should have planned to record two or, at most, three. Sure, I spent 11 hours in the studio that day but, inevitably, ran out of time and money!

I wrote a country song for the first time in my life and recorded it, along with two covers, including Chantal Kreviazuk’s incredible love song, “Invincible” and the Tears For Fears classic, “Mad World”, which I posted on youtube. I love Dave’s moody playing of the bass with a bow.

Later on Facebook Dave wrote, "I've never seen anybody work so hard in a session, you must be exhausted." For me, it was all play; eleven hours flew past in a blink, with just two bananas and a bag of trail mix for lunch and supper!

I re-recorded a song I had done a few years ago about the arrival of my son and did a song I wrote in 1985, called “Never Turned Out”, which I put on youtube.

Finally, I recorded “A Mere Diamond”, a song I wrote last summer. Matt did a nice job filming and editing it and I was happy to post it on youtube earlier this week. I also posted the lyrics in this blog. I included a rap in the song as a nod to one of my bomb bands, Linkin Park.

I appreciate all the comments I've been seeing and hearing about my stuff. Truth be told, I could live in the studio and I hope to get back there soon.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Mere Diamond (lyrics)


A little girl, in a great big world

lived up the street, seemed so sweet

I knew she was out there

but never knew she could be mine.

She is the sun in my day, nothing gets in her way

her approach to life, is all about today

She’s taken us so far above

already given me – a lifetime of love.

(CHORUS)  All this for a mere diamond.

For love she shares her love, she shares her life

she feeds her body to me, in the night

It’s the one thing that makes me thrill

and I burn - for her still.

I can’t take my eyes off her, I watch her read

does she know that when she looks at me, it’s off what I feed

If I land on unfamiliar ground

her smile tells me - I am found.


I’m slowing down, I’m losing hair

she must see it happening, but doesn’t seem to care

She gives me motion

With her devotion, yeah.


At times it doesn't seem real, but I believe what I can feel
If love has some grand scheme, then I an living in a dream.

(CHORUS repeat and fade)

Song written - July 2, 2012.