Sunday, December 14, 2014

Wobbly Sanity

Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”; loaded.

Talk about daunting; there are so many of my compact discs I still haven’t got around to loading.

I’ve learned my lesson, though; iPods do not last and I won't be fooled again. I had loaded most of my CD’s into my first 160GB iPod Classic, which I got as a gift from my wife and son ("An Apple A Day" Aug. 12, 2010). I might have been under the impression the awesome gadget would last an eternity.  It didn’t even come close.

Michael Jackson’s “Off The Wall”; loaded.

That’s not to say I didn’t get immense and immeasurable pleasure out of it while travelling, waiting, resting or working out!

A few months ago, still carrying close to 7,000 of my preferred songs, it just stopped working (“Giga Bites” Aug. 4, 2014). I hadn’t kept the songs on my computer because I thought they’d take up too much memory and, as a result, slow it down.

“Ultimate Barry Manilow”; loaded. 

My wife bought me a new iPod Classic for my birthday a few months ago and, after reluctantly throwing out my broken Classic, I’ve just recently begun loading some of my collection into the new device. This time, I won’t be deleting the songs from my memory-bolstered computer.

Alan Parsons “The Turn Of A Friendly Card”; loaded.

I’ve been going through boxes of compact discs in our basement and finding the ones with songs I enjoy! I tend to load my favorite CD’s before lesser favourites. Duh.

Louis Armstrong’s “What A Wonderful World”; loaded.

It’s pretty amazing to have access to all of the songs I enjoy in one small little device! The morning show shift has me programmed to wake early, before the rest of humanity, so, Sunday mornings, with my Bose headphones on, I scroll through my music collection and listen to whatever my mood desires. I tweet out the playlists using the hastag #BOE (Bose On Ears). Anyone interested will soon realize I like pretty much all types of music with an unapologetic bias toward up-tempo, percussion-laced, drum-fueled tracks with great vocals, nice hooks and creative, clever lyrics.

“The Very Best Of The Bee Gees”; loaded.

I hope some of my twitter followers, or tweeps as we hipper sorts like to say, might discover great songs as a result of seeing them on my tweeted playlists.

“Art Pepper Meets The Rhythm Section”; loaded.

There’s so much great music out there! I am (“Podaholic” Jan. 28, 2011 & “Somebody Stop Me” Aug. 25, 2010) a self-confessed iTunes junkie! I’m always sniffing out great songs and artists. My iTunes account is currently down to pennies but, not to worry, Christmas is right around the corner and since I’ve grumbled naughtily about getting neckties and socks, I’m counting on a few iTunes cards from Santa!

“Led Zeppelin One”; loaded.

I heard the 160GB Classic isn’t being made anymore because Apple can’t get the parts. At least when this iPod Classic bites it, I’ll still have all my records loaded into the computer. Of course, there’s the burdensome and worrisome possibility of the computer itself breaking down. Once I get my records loaded, I’ll have to find out how to back up the music.

Bryan Adams “18 Till I Die”; loaded.

Maybe I can load them onto a USB key or something for safekeeping. Having to dig through dusty, buried boxes again and tediously load compact discs one-by-one into another computer would cause my sanity to wobble.