Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Montreal Billboard

I’m stoked to be hosting a new show on Videotron’s MAtv channel! 

It's fun to be working in television again and rewarding to contribute to a show that connects the anglophone community of Greater Montreal with the often-times unsung non-profit groups making our community a better place to live.

I think it’s cool that Videotron is offering anglophone programming to the community it serves. At a news conference last week, it announced 20 per cent of MAtv programming is currently being devoted to English shows.

So far, we’ve taped and aired our first two "Montreal Billboard" shows. On our first two shows, we featured the NDG Food Depot, the Fabienne Colas Foundation, A Horse Tale, Big Brothers & Big Sisters of the West Island, AIDS Community Care Montreal and Skateboards for Hope. Some of these groups I had heard of before and others I had never heard of at all.

First guest of our first show: Daniel Rotman of NDG Food Depot

I’m going to enjoy meeting more special Montrealers who are clearly passionate about their causes and their city. For the people who bring these groups to life it's about the good, not the glory.

From the beginning, I thought the MAtv studio was bright and colorful. The crew has been terrific and I’ve had the pleasure of working with some team members before.

When we did the photo shoot for the show, MAtv had a stylist pick out the clothing and Ariane is the one who looks after wardrobe for the show. If I appear dressed more fashionably, that explains it!  She uses clothing supplied by show sponsor, Canada's iconic Hudson's Bay store. Kinda cool. It also explains the hankie you’ll see in my pocket. So far in my life, I must confess to being too lazy to coordinate a hankie with shirts, jackets and neckties.

Montreal Billboard is on seven days a week! The newly-taped shows air Monday and Tuesday and the rest of the week, they're repeated. To find show times, go to, click "English" and go down to "My Shows". For viewers who are not on Videotron, you can find our shows on-line at under the heading “Mes Emissions”.

If you’d like to get in touch with the show, please drop us a line at