Sunday, March 8, 2015

Rediscovering Stories

The story of the “Spanish Train” gives me chills even now. I asked Chris De Burgh which of the characters in his timeless song is winning at cards these days and he stated gravely the Devil seems to be winning more than The Lord. Of course, the Devil, as Chris points out in the lyrics of the song, cheats.

Chris explained during his interview Friday on Global Montreal Morning News, he wrote the song while riding a train and letting his imagination roam.

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing many amazing people on our show and I’m always especially excited to meet artists who’ve inspired me with their music. This, however, was the first time an artist I'd listened to growing up, actually performed on our show and it took me somewhere I’d never been before.

I’ve listened to his hits so many times, but to have him standing next to me, singing a medley of his most popular songs was surreal. For a short while, it was like I got lost.

So many excited De Burgh fans filled the hallways of our newsroom Friday morning and yet Chris posed for pictures and planted gracious kisses on cheeks, making the day of so many people, including Irma, Julie, Natalie and Lisa!

As he entered the Global studio, the legendary singer songwriter gave Camille a kiss on her hand and, I can tell you, the gesture made an impression!

I can’t remember when Richard, our typically subdued technical expert, wanted a picture with a guest, but you can tell he is a huge fan and spent several minutes chatting with Chris.

Like so many Montrealers, I grew up listening to CHOM-FM and then, a few years later, had the wild pleasure of working there for 16 years. I was lucky enough to be working there for the station’s 20th anniversary celebration. Each employee was given a numbered double compact disc collector’s edition set of songs that defined the radio station and our city’s exquisite musical taste.

As you can see, Chris De Burgh is track number 5. He told our viewers Montreal is essentially where his career began! Chris is back in Montreal this fall for a show at Place des arts.

Thanks to Stepanie L who tweeted that of all the Chris de Burgh interviews she heard and watched this week, our Global Montreal interview was her favourite! I’ll be sure to place my Chris De Burgh interview on our “best of the week” show next Saturday. We weren’t able to turn it around quickly enough for this weekend’s “best of the week” show because we tape on Fridays.

I continue to rediscover the compelling storytelling of Chris De Burgh.

He speaks sincerely and with passion. He spoke sincerely to me, our viewers and all the fans who gathered at Global Montreal Friday morning. Like the policemen watching Patricia, all of us were shouting out for more.