Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Somebody Stop Me!

We arrived home from Cocoa Beach Saturday afternoon. It's now Wednesday night. In just over four days, I have relentlessly poured 1,359 songs into the iPod Classic that Susan got me for my birthday. I haven't even broken a sweat!

For the last year or so, my son kindly loaned me his iPod so that I could listen to music on the train. I discovered some good tracks in his stash! When we got home from vacation, Tristan gave me a crash course on basic iTunes functioning and showed me how to transfer compact discs into my new device. His instructions, I'm fairly certain, make him an accomplice to my current affliction. As for Susan, well, she bought the darned thing for me!

Here's the typical day, wrapping up. I finish the newscast, get changed, walk to the station downtown, find a seat on the train, plug my Denon AH-D550 stereo headphones into the jack and soar.

I get home and load more podworthy compact discs. I cook supper, then load a compact disc. I clean the kitchen, then load a compact disc. I walk the dogs, load a disc.I brush my teeth, load a disc. I sneeze, load a disc. Snore, load a disc. You don't even want to hear about weekends!

Somebody stop me! I have no desire to be the target of a shriek-laden intervention!

Tonight, I am seriously restraining myself. I restrain, then load a disc. So far tonight, I've added Blood Sweat and Tears' Greatest Hits, Supertramps's "Even in the Quietest Moments", "Woodface" by Crowded House, Nathalie Imbruglia's "Left of the Middle", Michel Donato and James Gelfand's "Setting the Standard" (vols: 1 and 2) and Daniel Powter.

I've filled 11.3 gigabytes...yippee, only 137 to go!

iPod Anonymous, maybe?

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