Thursday, October 6, 2011

Loss of Jobs

My son sent me a text last night that read, “So sad about Steve Jobs. Terrible :( ”. 

That my 16 year old son knew who the man was, heard about his death as he sat in his driver’s ed class and texted me those heavy-hearted words, more than anything else, poignantly drove home the importance of his contributions to our lives.

Steve Jobs certainly impacted the life of my son; with his iPods, iMac and iPhone4, Tristan is a veritable technophile.

I tend to resist and, at times, resent propaganda and glitzy purveyors of glitzier products. I revel in being unconnected.

While I never ran out to buy an Apple product, the one gadget I feel most personally connected to, is my iPod. It contains 5,548 of my hand-picked songs and still has 103 gigabytes of memory left to fill! It lifts my train commutes from ordinary to wonderful. All at once, it's kept me out of trouble (An Apple A Day -September 12, 2010) and turned me into a self-confessed podaholic (Somebody Stop Me - August 25, 2010) !

Many a day, I grab my iPod, put on my headphones, flop onto the counch or sit on the deck outside and fly away.

The death of Steve Jobs came across the wire last night as I prepared the late-night newscast. It was sad news.

Later, watching people discuss his contributions, his visionary approach to technology and his marketing genius, I now more fully appreciate the extent to which his inventions have blanketed our globe.

He made technology loveable.

He was, as one commentator put it, our generation’s Leonardo.

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