Friday, November 25, 2011

Steve Hill Rocks

What an artist!

Steve loosens up
Steve Hill is from Trois-Rivieres. He's been playing guitar since he was sixteen. He was in the television station this week to promote his sixth album, entitled "Whiplash Love" and to promote his upcoming show at l'Astral. He performed a track from the album, live, for our show and I must say I was extremely impressed! Every note he sang was bang-on, his voice sounded terrific, his words heartfelt and every pluck of the guitar, precise.

During our interview, he gave a lot of credit for his growth as a musician and artist to Pagliaro. Steve has played with Buddy Guy, BB King, Jimmy Vaughn and toured with several other artists. Steve was an easygoing pro, the very best guest a host could hope for. He was always smiling and happy to sign an autograph or pose for pictures.

Sound test with Steve as one of technical guys, Alain, a big fan, looks on
There had been a mix-up. I had told his people in exchanged e-mails, we could accomodate an amp and voice, but when he got to the station, he explained that he'd  been told our crew could not work with an amp. As a result, he didn't bring an electric guitar and, instead, brought a steel-bodied acoustic guitar, made in 1931. His performance of "I'll Walk" was the last segment of the show. I did the show-close, but still had some time to use up, so I turned to him and asked if he'd play a bit more; instantly, he did.

As far as I'm concerned, he has a standing invitation!

I had mentioned to viewers, at least twice, that we had a copy of Steve Hill's CD to give away and then, like a moron, I completely forgot to do the giveaway on-air! Duh! I still feel terrible about that.

Watch our interview and Steve's performance. If you're into rock, blues, guitar or great performances, be sure to check-out Steve Hill!

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