Sunday, March 11, 2012

Torn Over Towel-Gloves

I was too slow to snap a picture of the blindfolded hair stylist! On one of the many demonstration stages at the beauty show today, a blindfolded stylist was cutting a model’s hair. He yanked the blindfold off as I finally got a clear shot of his performance. I was trying to take the picture with Susan's iPhone. It's easy to use, but I was just spazzy. How do you cut someone’s hair while wearing a blindfold and, perhaps more importantly, why do you cut someone’s hair while wearing a blindfold?

Why do they do any of the things they do at the beauty show? Spectacle, I suppose.

One beauty company had models doing modern dance.

It’s a huge trade show, with hundreds of big-name beauty companies displaying thousands of products!

There are demonstrations of hair styling, cutting, washing, anti-aging, anti-acne, space-age hair dryers, manicures, nail setting, electrolysis machines and make-up application. There are bins filled with every product under the sun!

Every year I dutifully accompany Susan to this event (See "Beware the Beauty Show" blog dated March 17, 2011), I leave thinking, “What a zoo!” The thought applies to this year, too. I try and, honestly, that’s part of the fun, but when bipedal creatures are layered with so much zing, bling and ch-ching, it’s far too difficult for me to determine their planets of origin.

Susan bought several products; from lotions and cremes, to nail polishes and shampoos. As we were leaving the show, she rather factually pointed-out that the exact same product she bought for $15 a week ago at a store, she had dropped into her complimentary tote bag for $7 today.

She couldn't make up her mind about the towel gloves! These are terrycloth gloves that, according to the video, you wear to squeeze-dry your wet hair. Though Susan carefully explained it to me, I'm still not certain whether the towel gloves help induce, or help prevent, frizz. The second time she walked past them, she winced with uncertainty. I think she's still torn.

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