Saturday, April 7, 2012

I Live in a Zoo

It’s yet another one of those movies she claimed to really want to see in a theatre (see 3/26/12 blog titled "Susan Van Pelt"). No surprise; we never saw it in a theatre and it finally came out on video this week. Judging by the trailer, it seemed to be an interesting story and one based on true life events. I rented it yesterday morning and today, we watched, “We Bought A Zoo”.

I enjoyed it, the story was terrific.

I got misty-eyed at least six times, which is not the biggest problem because with Susan’s gaze directed at the television screen, she’s less likely to detect my covert sentimentality. It’s the loud, involuntary sobbing that poses the biggest problem. When I sob, she cracks-up!

The movie is about adventure, courage, grief, loss, love and I certainly didn’t expect it to be that touching. These confounded movies seem to touch me more than most.

As soon as the movie was done, she excitedly scampered off to Tristan’s room, pushed open his door and exclaimed, “It was a sobfest!”

Her comment had nothing to do with her appreciation of the movie itself, and, instead, had everything to do with my emotional reaction to it. Then (see 1/4/12 blog titled "Blubber Free Zone") came the usual torrent of incredulity and belittlement.


I suppose it's just as well I saw this movie at home instead of in the theatre.

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