Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Snorting As I Go

September 26th, 2012, becomes the day I tasted my first zucchini cake!

Anne was true to her word and very kindly took the trouble, in the midst of her busy day as a reporter, mother and wife, to bring in some slices of her cake for me to try. The container was sitting patiently on my desk when I got to work today. The cake looks like banana bread, although I would have definitely wondered about the green pieces in the slices.

It tastes like spice cake and there’s very little gustatory evidence of zucchini, although when I asked what the moist bits were, Anne replied, “That’s the zucchini!”

While it's still difficult to reconcile the zucchini I see in stir-fry with the yummy cake I ate today, once I started eating the cake, I couldn’t stop!

Later, I went in studio to do a report for tonight's 6 o'clock newscast and while we were waiting for the commercial to end, Jamie, the anchor, demanded, "Cake! Where was the cake?" Caught completely off-guard, I asked, "Huh, what cake?" She explained that she had read my tweet about Anne's zucchini cake and wondered if it had been brought in for everybody. Feeling terribly guilty, I explained Anne had just brought in some for me to try. Jamie appeared consoled, concluding it had only been one piece for me to sample. At that point, I was forced to, sheepishly admit, Anne had, in fact, brought in three pieces of zucchini cake and I had porkishly polished them all off!

Uh oh, maybe I was supposed to share! I think it's time I crawl back under my rock, snorting as I go.

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