Friday, August 2, 2013

Studio Bound

I’m super stoked! It’s always exciting to be heading into the recording studio! My plan is to record four covers and four original songs during a multi-hour session. I recorded some jazz standards at a topnotch Montreal recording studio in 2001 and again, in 2003. I haven’t been in a recording studio for my own projects since then. The material I'm recording this time around is more pop-oriented. I'll be singing, playing guitar, percussion and drums. Montreal bass player Dave Watts has performed with me in-studio, on-stage and as part of a telethon. He’ll be part of this recording project. Gotta get on YouTube! It is such a mind-boggling and powerful tool for publicity and networking. I’m hoping tomorrow’s session will allow me to post a few music performances on YouTube! I'll definitely provide links when I can.

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  1. If the name Jonius rings a bell, your younger brother is somewhat less pale, and you lived on or near Allard, you're the Ricky Dagenais I've been wondering what happened to. Ross here, feel free to drop me an email! ( will find me, or )

    I suck at blogs, and this ought to get seen eventually...