Friday, January 17, 2014

The Leading Edge Of Fashion

Scoff though you may, I know where I play.

I play on the leading edge of fashion. Those of us who play here, know it’s not always a popular place. It takes time before bold new trends are adopted by the mindless masses, but those masses will inevitably follow our brave, trail-blazing steps.

I have owned my Pumas for so long, they went out of style decades ago and then came back into style! History happens in circles and that’s something the great fashion trend setters, like myself, wholly understand. It’s all a question of patience and perception. Wait long enough and you will find yourself riding that familiar leading edge again.

It’s happened with my Lacoste sweater and now, I find myself with several articles of clothing, along with many coats, that are no longer in style. I wear them anyway because I understand it’s just a matter of time before they dazzle Paris and Milan once again.

Welcome back, fair bell bottoms. Where have you been, Adidas Gazelles?

It takes nerves of steel and unshaking focus in your fashion convictions. That’s how I roll. People may scoff and point, shocked, possibly even revolted by the severity of my outdated fashion statement, but know that in a decade or two, they will be coughing up considerable cash for what I’ve already owned for far too long.

I have been wearing LL Bean Duck Boots for decades! The same pair. I was mocked by family and friends. Ostracized. Ridiculed. Unfriendly chants hailed me. Did I waver? Not one iota. For years, I have been steadfastly wearing them to the grocery store and the local arena. Fearlessly, I wear them to work. I stand by their comfort, but most of all, their convenience. As an inherently lazy human, they are right up my alley! I need not bend down to lace them, snap them, or zip them.

Step in. Step out. End of story.
Palpable excitement as new boots arrive
They rock in winter, spring and fall! Though modest in appearance, they soar with practicality.

A few weeks ago, my son asked if he could wear my duck boots to the store! Gasping with excitement, I agreed! I sensed he was beginning to summon the rare, steely nerve required to be a true fashion icon. Like me, he was willing to go where no one in their right mind had willingly gone before.

Our duck boots may cause others to quack up, but when it comes to this footwear item, perhaps it's better that ducks of a feather, flock together.

Some might argue my duck boots have overstayed their welcome. Their insides are fraying, the rubber soles are virtually treadless and, on one side, there's a hole in the sole! It’s been that long. When I walk on the wet linoleum floor at the supermarket, I’m Bambi attempting to stand on a frozen pond, legs shooting out unpredicatably, straining joints, tendons and ligaments yet to be discovered by anatomists.

Last week, mostly for reasons of self-preservation, I decided to order myself a new pair of duck boots. Halfway through dialing the boot company, I stopped and, on a whim, asked my son if he wanted me to order him a pair. He said yes! Now he owns a pair of unpopular duck boots. He wears them in public! He enjoys their comfort, but most of all, their convenience.

Old pair on the left, shiny new pair on the right
You may dismiss his decision as a sign he’s as lazy as me, but I have learned that in a matter of decades, he will find himself on the leading edge of fashion, as others reluctantly and tentatively join in and begin wearing them, too.

I brim with pride. This is the leading edge, son. Welcome to it.

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