Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Look Me Up

So, Dan Kanter came in on Monday.

For those of you who don’t know, Dan is Justin Bieber’s musical director, the man who makes Justin’s music happen; helps make it pop brilliance! He is also guitarist for The Beebs, and my wife, son and I have watched several films and television specials where Dan and Justin have performed acoustically, in front of wildly devoted Beliebers.

Late Sunday afternoon, Dan sent out a tweet saying he was headed to Montreal to chat with me on Global Montreal.

The instant he tweeted, the chime on my phone kept sounding, over and over and over and over again, non-stop for a freaky forty minutes straight! Dan’s tweet kept being “retweeted” and “favorited” by Bieber fans! I had the fire extinguisher poised over my dumbfounded smart phone in case it spontaneously combusted. Many of the tweets pleaded to meet with Dan, or simply gushed their love for, and adoration of, Justin!

I've had a few fun moments since joining Twitter! One was my choice of “handle”, or Twitter name. Nathan, a family friend, just happened to be in the Global Montreal newsroom with my son one night as I was being urged by my boss to join Twitter, in order to follow police tweets detailing the whereabouts of “red square” demonstrators.

Nate suggested the twitter handle, ”Dagenator”, which I thought was awesome then, and still think is friggin’ awesome!

The next fun moment on Twitter was hitting 500 followers. Of course, Dan has 1.3 million, but you gotta start somewhere!

My next fun moment on Twitter and the biggest by far, was having my Twitter account verified, a development which my son still hasn’t been able to cognitively process. He apparently believes it lends me far too much credibility on social media. He may have a point; after all, others in the Twitterverse with verified accounts include Chris Hadfield and Justin Bieber.


Sunday was my next fun moment on Twitter, as I got a tiny taste of intense, irrational superstardom. Obviously, I wasn't the target of tweeted adulation, only an incidental observer!

Dan Kanter visits Global Montreal Monday
When I met Dan Monday for an interview on our morning show about his new role as a judge on Season 7 of YTV’s “The Next Star”, I told him the phone story. He patiently nodded, as if to say he understood what I was excitedly blithering about. 

It’s Tuesday afternoon and his tweet is still being “re-tweeted” and “favorited” on Twitter!
Let’s see, as of this moment, 142 re-tweets and 280 favourites. Kinda frightening; kinda fascinating.

Twitter’s fun! It’s a great way to promote our show and to get quick messages and comments out to people who care; my twitter peeps, "tweeps"!

It even provides me with incentive to workout at the gym. If I work out, I can tweet a truth; namely, that I worked out.

If you haven’t tried Twitter, give it whirl. When you do, look me up!

I’m right behind you, Dan!

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