Thursday, November 19, 2015

Protect and Serve

Watching the living nightmare unfold Friday, we couldn’t stop wondering why police were not going into the Bataclan club.

There were reports of a tweet from someone inside, begging authorities to launch an assault because people in the club were being slaughtered.

Still, police made no move to rescue the innocent, unarmed people inside.

The killers simply fired into the people laying on the floor, re-loaded and went on shooting.

Watching the coverage, we were upset and disgusted by the lack of movement on the part of authorities. Has there been an explanation as to why none of the well-armed officers standing outside bothered to try to rescue the victims inside?

Don’t police feel some responsibility for the terrible number of people killed so casually inside? Aren’t the families of the 90 victims demanding answers – why didn’t police attack sooner?

The armed terrorists pulled up in a black car outside the club at 9:40PM Paris time and police only stormed the place at 12:20AM. How is that not criminal?

I’ve had arguments with police acquaintances before, telling them they have a responsibility to protect the innocent and unarmed in dire situations. I was told by one officer I know, his first responsibility is self-preservation.

Were police too afraid to go in to rescue the helpless Bataclan concert-goers?

Police have guns so they can protect people who do not have guns from evil individuals using guns to kill.

Where were the cowboys and overzealous macho cops as people were dying inside?

I want to believe police officers would assume the terrible risk in the name of the innocent and unarmed who are being targeted by violence; I was under the impression that’s their job.

Montreal police officer Denis Cote made all the difference back in September 2006 when he went into Dawson College and took down a deranged shooter.

If police can’t do the job, then make it easier for citizens to protect themselves and their fellow citizens.

Don’t just stand back and let innocent people die.

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