Saturday, October 16, 2010

Win and Vanish

Close game, but he won again!
Tristan continues to carry the title of reigning household ping pong champ.

I was in the process of downloading more material onto my iPod, when he came downstairs, curious to know what I was doing.
My iPod is at 4060 songs and counting; as previously confessed in my blog of August 25th, I'm crazed.

Anyway, Tristan suggested we play.
As a desperate underdog and one eagerly itching to assume control of the ever-elusive household ping pong crown, I heartily agreed.
I led.
I trailed.
I trailed.
I led
I lost.
Eager for a rematch because hope really does spring eternal, I went to change the CD from "Sandy Nelson" to "Rihanna" and dashed back to the ping pong table only to find two abandoned paddles and remnants of my tattered pride.
I'm beginning to suspect the secret to his success is "win and vanish", that way you don't risk a rematch going awry and you can continue admiring your shiny crown in the mirror.

In spite of my ping pong defeat, it's been a good day!
I know Tristan will agree.
You see, we managed to persuade Susan to come out to play a touchfootball game.
I paired with one of Tristan's unsuspecting buddies.
Tristan paired with his Mom, who, in spite of mounds of evidence to the contrary, continues to politely insist she is "not competitive"!
They won.
For a visiting fifteen year old friend, there seems to be something unsettling about looking up and seeing a mother hurtling down the field in your direction.
I can't imagine why that would be.
Then again, it's probably not so much her blistering speed, as it is all the snarling and frothing.

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