Sunday, March 20, 2011

One Giant Step for Moosekind

When Susan got up at 5 o'clock this morning to give Moose her insulin injection, she mentioned the moon was big and bright in our backyard. I got up to see. Last night, Tristan and I were on the back deck, looking at the moon through binoculars. Earth's satellite was just just over 221,000 miles away, the closest it's been to our planet since March 1993. Its proximity made it 14 per cent bigger and 30 per cent brighter. I couldn't really see the difference. To me, it looked just as impressive as it always does when it's full on a clear night.

I remembered standing at the far end of our backyard with Tristan in my arms, looking up at the Hyakutake comet in 1996.

My sister-in-law and niece were here for a few days. They left this morning. Last night, my niece won at Scrabble. I cannot win one game! I did manage to beat Tristan and that's something, since he managed to beat the nephew who, too consistently, beats me. Of course, the nephew in question relies on his mental stash of chintsy two-letter words.

There are a lot of two-letter words that are perfectly reasonable, such as "to","my","as","at","of","it","go" and so on. If he used words like those, I wouldn't be compelled to challenge them. Instead, he's smugly snapping down words like "wo", "li", "za", "qi" and "na"! I'm left with no choice but to challenge his ridiculous vocabulary, which means I repeatedly miss my turn. As the game goes on, I sit there, gathering dust! He's also pretty good with hooks, adding letters to words to make new words, thereby greedily gobbling up piles of points!

If only he could win using words spoken by real human beings!

Huh? How about it, Ryan?

We went on a shopping trip this weekend so the niece could purchase some fashionable items of clothing. Tristan and I dashed ahead of Susan, Lana and Kayla as we were all walking back to the car in the shopping centre parking lot. Hiding behind a nearby vehicle, I used the remote to unlock the door. When the ladies tried to open the door, I would lock it again. Then, for variety, I would occasionally honk the horn. Tristan and I giggled our brains out!

I had foolishly forgotten Moose would soon need her insulin injection and we should have been heading back home to make sure she got it within the prescribed twelve hour cycle. By the time we decided the prank had gone on long enough, Susan was ready to send me to the moon! As close as it was to Earth yesterday, she probably would have been able to physically propel me right to the lunar surface.

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