Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shopping Savvy Turns Profit

You won't find a deal like this in any store flier; how about $38 for $60 worth of  iTunes cards!

The flier advertised $48 for four $15 iTunes cards. I headed over to the sale and purchased the package of four cards last Saturday, but didn't noticed the cashier charged me $55.

Days later, Susan happened to see the bill on our kitchen counter and noticed I had been overcharged. We headed to the chain's downtown store to ask for the $7 I had been overcharged. We were told we had to go to the store where the purchase had been made. Susan reminded me of the widespread and rarely honored price policy which entitles a shopper to an additional $10 in the event of an overcharge.

We finally had a chance to drive to the original store today to ask for the $7 difference, plus the $10 to which the price policy entitled us. I was all set to bicker and bite and was getting pumped to blog about the unpleasant ordeal.

They listened to my explanantion, checked the flier, which Susan had kept, checked the bill and calmly handed me $17.

Credit where credit's due; thanks to the Unit 31 Future Shop!

Mostly, thanks to MDG, Susan!

With my $60 dollars worth of  iTunes cards, bought for $38, I indulged my podaholic cravings with the purchase of tracks by Deadmau5 and John Legend.

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