Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kiji-Crazy Like A Fox

It's complete craziness!
Tristan announces he wants an iPhone 4.
Apparently, he's wanted one for a long time but I have not been paying attention.
He plans to use part of his savings to make the purchase.
Naturally, his mother is part of the swindling; she has apparently agreed to buy his iPod Touch, thereby providing him with more helpful cash.
The Apple doesn't fall from the tree.
He goes on kijiji and finds a bunch of iPhone 4's.
I call a couple of sellers on his behalf, but most have already been sold.
Tristan finds another one today and sends an e-mail.
The seller agrees to hold it for Tristan because he was the first one to express interest.
I call and get directions.
We have the guy's phone number, his address and, as we stand on his Terrebonne doorstep finalizing the transaction, his children are walking in and out of the house.
He's a complete strangers to us, as are we to him!
He exposes his home and family to strangers???
Well, in our case, he exposes his home and family to crazed consumers???
The concept is lunacy.
Then again, Tristan walks away with the 32 gig version for $300 cheaper than in a store.

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