Sunday, May 29, 2011

Exhibit A

A few weeks ago, Susan announced the vacuum cleaner no longer worked.
I brought it to the repair shop and told the guy at the counter that my wife said it's not pulling anything up anymore.
Yesterday, the shop called to say it was ready and today, I went to pick it up.
The repair cost $26.
I asked what the problem had been and was told it was a strap inside the motor, along with the items in the plastic bag that he'd draped over the vacuum cleaner handle.
The items I spotted in the bag prompted a weak smile, as the repairman simply stared back at me.
I give you Exhibit A.

Susan half-heartedly denies ever vacuuming the items shown; a pen, a fridge magnet and a tube of lipstick!
I can tell you I definitely did not vacuum the above items and would, at the very least, know with considerable certainty whether I had!
That's all I'm saying and with both hands, I now hold my tongue.

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