Thursday, June 9, 2011

Good People

Martin Raymond, one of the Tampa Bay Lightning assistant coaches came in today for an interview. He was well-spoken, interesting and terrific with the young students who had come in for an interview of their own.

The five elementary students were from Westmount Park Elementary school. They were on the show to talk about their school's computer refurbishing program. The students take apart obsolete computers, refurbish them by loading in software and then redistribute the "upgraded" computers to families in the school who need one. Pamela Price, one of the teachers at the school and a co-creator of the program, accompanied the students to the studio.

Martin spoke to the thrilled students, encouraged and lauded them for their work and then happily autographed the t-shirts they were wearing! He posed for several pictures, including this one.

When we had done taping the show, all our staff were telling me how enthusiastic and positive he had been with the children.

I wish him continued success with his coaching career; it's nice to see good things come to good people.

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