Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sigh Low Tour

I enjoy exploring caves, nature sites and old buildings! When I heard Heritage Montreal was offering tours of Silo #5, I decided to sign-up. This structure is part of the complex in the Old Port.

I mentioned it to my son and he was interested in taking the tour as well. On Saturday, we took the train downtown, headed to the rendez-vous point and were, eventually, led on to the site. It was interesting, but the lack of site access made it too classroom-like for me!

Yammer, yack-yack; where's the peering and poking?

The tour could have offered so much more in the way of exploration. They allowed us to go into the oldest of the buildings on the Pointe-du-Moulin site and that was it.

The place has a rich and impressive history. It made Montreal the grain capital of North America, not to mention master of grain elevator technology. I wish they would have allowed us to look inside a silo and go up to the top floors of the annex. When I interviewed Dinu Bumbaru, Heritage Montreal's policy director, he mentioned they were thinking about taking a group of guests up onto the roof of the structure!

The dude snapped this picture. Having typically neglected to read the fine print of the FSTAA (Father/Son Tour Accompaniment Agreement), I didn't realize until we were on-site, that I was not permitted to take pictures of him!

That's (sigh) low.

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