Tuesday, January 17, 2012

HD = Heavy Duty

We've made the switch to high definition! Our newscasts are now in HD, which means anchors, reporters and meteorologists appear in HD! Last night was my first high definition newscast. Somehow, I managed to appear human.

They did tests in the early afternoon in preparation for the switch. A combination of make-up products were applied to our faces and then we were seated in the studio to see what looked most natural in front of the unforgiving HD cameras.

Pixels are picky.

They did my face in several pounds of goop and then had me wash it all off, only to start all over again. When they finally agreed on a sophisticated, 72-pronged plan of attack for my hopeless face, they had me wash it all off again and showed me how to apply it all myself!

I learned that where make-up is concerned, HD stands for heavy duty!

I was instructed to begin with concealer for redness, then foundation over my entire face, spread evenly with my finger. Then, I'm supposed to put a brush in number 35 powder, tap-out excess, put the brush in number 30 powder, tap-out excess and apply to my facial T-zone with a circular brushing motion for optimal blending. Apparently, I'm more like a 33 powder, but since that doesn't exist, I have to mix the number 35 and 30 powders before applying. Whatever. I've been given lip balm and I've been told to moisturize my face every night because the high definition cameras will reveal dry spots!

Last week, I could apply a presentable coat of powder to my face in less than a minute and I was good to go to air!

At the end of the session, I was handed a make-up bag complete with powders, concealer, foundation, lip balm, alcohol and brushes. The hefty ammo bag, equipped to outsmart 1920 x 1080 pixels, appears to be the price of progress!

HD is my friend.

HD is my friend.

HD is my friend.

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  1. Now that's one heck of a make-up kit. No wonder my face looked bad when I took a snapshot on an HD digital camera.