Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Jaw-Dropper

Working on the morning show several years ago, I organized a visit to a Montreal event that featured drum battles. For one of the segments, I agreed to a drum battle, live on the air, with the drummer who had won the event the year before. His name was Isaac Dumont.

One drum set was set-up in a boxing ring surrounded by red ropes and the other, in a boxing ring with blue ropes. Isaac was positively dazzling!

His sticks were a blur not only for the way they moved around the drums and cymbals, but also for the way he would twirl them in the middle of lightning-fast passages. I've stayed in touch with Isaac and I recently found out he'd been to California to compete in the electronic drum world championships. He finished fourth in the world! He had won the right to advance to the Roland V-Drum World Championships by winning the Canadian title.

I asked if he'd be willing to come on "Focus Montreal", the Global Montreal interview show and talk about electronic drums, the competition and perform for our viewers. He agreed and will be on the show tomorrow at 11:30am and again, at midnight. Not only did he speak enthusiastically and perform a blistering drum routine, he also shared a special announcement with viewers!

There are quite a few drummers at Global Montreal and they, along with other staff members, were blown away by his drumming talent and flare!

If you're into drums, music, talent and a wailing good time, check out my interview with Isaac, tomorrow.
If you miss it, log onto our website , click "video" and go to the show you missed.

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