Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lesson Learned

Life is full of opportunities to learn, isn’t it?

On the first official day of our vacation, we very responsibly applied blobs of sunscreen and then floated and frolicked freely in the ocean for the next two and a half hours! Talk about bliss.

By the end of the day, we were completely fried. Toasted and roasted.

Burnt, but still determined to enjoy sun, sand and surf

Between wagging her finger and sternly tapping it on the sunscreen bottle, Susan had difficulty expressing sympathy as Tristan and I moaned about our sunburns.

The lesson we learned that first day proved very valuable for the rest of our vacation; forget about fun in the sun, spend all your time re-applying!

Just as you start having fun, re-apply!

Feeling comfortable out there? Re-apply!

Relaxing and enjoying your time off? Re-apply!

Walking to the grocery store? Re-apply!

Flinging a frisbee? Re-apply!

Finished re-applying? Re-apply!

Admittedly annoying and messy, we owe our comfort over the next few days to the constant and incessant re-application of sunscreen.

One day, post-burn, Susan kindly reserved her fried fools a couple of shaded lounge chairs by the pool. By the time we arrived to claim the chairs, birds perched in the tree overhead had decorated our towels! I cleaned off the bird poop and sat down on one of the chairs. Moments after making a comment to Tristan about the bird sitting directly over me in the tree, I felt warm liquid hit my arm in two places. I never felt the third splotch of slightly more solid material hit my knuckle, but, blurting guffaws, Tristan noticed it! After re-applying, we quickly chose to move to a spot out from under the tree and in the sun.

After that, I kept my eye on all the people who sat in the lounge chairs under the tree, expecting someone to be bombed by the birds. No one ever was!

No doubt there’s a lesson in there somewhere, I’m just not sure I'm interested in figuring it out.

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