Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hey Nineteen

I’m delighted to say, our brand new Global Montreal morning show show is doing considerably better technically these days. My co-hosts, Camille and Jessica, are both pros and determined to offer viewers the best product we possibly can.

We roll with the ever-dwindling problems and keep moving forward! Today, we wrapped up our nineteenth show!

Credit to Julie and Jim, our stalwart Mosart directors, for keeping our heading true while faithfully steering us through the rough patches! We all hope the waters are calmer from here on out.

I’ve already had the opportunity to interview some interesting guests on our new show, including microbiologist Dr. Matthew Oughton talking about the importance of hand-washing, multi-Olympian Doug Yeats discussing the IOC decision to drop wrestling from the games, CHUM cardiologist Dr. George Honos talking about boomers’ lifestyle choices and, from McGill University’s Office of Science and Society, Dr. Ariel Fenster on the chemistry of love.

More great guests are inevitable!

Our columnists are terrific, passionate people. Jay Walker talks music, while Eric Cohen covers movies! Pearle Nerenberg and Vanessa Perrone are both highly-qualified nutritionists who’ve already offered me and our viewers a generous helping of dietary enlightenment! Pearle put a yummy oatmeal muffin recipe up on our website and Vanessa made sure I understood that while hot cereals are good for you, heating-up my favorite sugary cereals doesn’t qualify! Apparently, hot cereal is powerful stuff; Linda Staal, mother to Marc, Eric, Jordan and Jared, told me on the show today the secret to raising four professional hockey players was oatmeal!

Who knew?

Susan made Pearle’s muffin recipe and it is yummy!

We’ve been giving away some cool prizes, including all-inclusive sun vacations and, along with 92.5 The Beat, tickets to the Grammys!

Jessica Laventure really is an adventure! The self-confessed weather geek persuaded the morning show team to post our version of the Harlem Shake. It’s out there and it’s out there, if you know what I mean!

I’m looking forward to show twenty! I was hoping to have fun on our new show and, I must say, nineteen shows in, so far so good!

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