Friday, February 1, 2013

Low-Flying Birds

Perfection’s the goal and we hear the path to the goal is straight ahead, so we keep moving forward.

Our Mosart news automation system is a massive challenge and our Mosart directors, Jim and Julie, are the only ones in class who pay attention; thank goodness! They are Cirque du Soleil-worthy jugglers of terribly technical tasks!

On yesterday’s show, we said good-bye to Mike and Annie, two Mosart masters who flew back to Vancouver, leaving Jim and Julie to fend for themselves. Jim and Julie have been shoved from the nest and yet, thanks to their tireless and devoted flapping, they’re somehow keeping the entire morning show afloat!

Every little thing our robotic cameras do must be coded. Every time our microphones are turned on or off, it must be coded . Whether it’s a two-shot or a single, each and every camera shot must be coded and every time the camera shot is switched, it must be coded. Incredibly, even stomach rumbles are coded.

If any part of the regular morning pattern is broken, the crashing dominoes caused by sudden change don’t always allow for the smoothest sailing. It’s tough to code Mosart for flashes of chaos.

This morning’s Grammy Awards ticket draw was simulcast with Montreal radio station, 92.5 The Beat. Even though the logistical challenge was a mightily unfair assignment for Jim and Julie on their fifth day of nest-free living, we got it to viewers! It was exciting for everyone involved!

We also had celebrity chef, Chuck Hughes, on the show, as well as our Food Columnist, Na'eem Adam. Overall, our first week has been an absolute blast, made even more gratifying by all the positive feedback we’ve been getting from viewers, happy to see an English morning show back on the air in Montreal!

Jim, Julie, senior producer Rob, me, Camille and Jess, we try to roll with the punches! Again, perfection’s the goal and while we may not always look like we know what we’re doing, we always hope to look like we love what we’re doing, because we do!

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