Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fifteen and Full of Fire

There's so much at stake. The hopes and dreams of four promising young men were in my hands.
I couldn't help but consider the awesome responsibility as I drove my son and three of his buddies home late last night.

It was just a regular drive and these four fellows joked with each other and played with their little electronic gadgets, oblivious to the notion that my decisions and the decisions of drivers around us could have a massive impact on the course of their lives. That's the way it should be; they should be carefree. The responsibility was mine and, as a father, it was daunting and welcome.

I had the son of a city worker, the son of an entrepreneur, the son of a test pilot and my own son in the vehicle, rolling down the highway on a Friday night. Those fathers have intensely sincere hopes and dreams for their boys, as I do mine. Those men know their boys are entitled to all the experiences life has to offer; the incredible thrills and spills of  love, work, family, sport, friendship, travel and all that other good stuff we cram under the heading of "life".

I listen to them and laugh at their stories and antics. Fifteen and full of fire! They brim with humor, mischief, playfulness, pride and talent, as the unmistakable force of life beams from their faces!

I prefer to think smart parents care about the safety of their children. Smart parents trust that other parents will treat their children with the same attention and care as they would treat their own children.

I was honored to accept last night's trust and I alertly kept both hands on the wheel.

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