Monday, November 29, 2010

Good To Go

They certainly add warmth to a house! Susan put up our Christmas decorations yesterday; the tree inside the house, along with all the ornaments, and she strung the lights on the tree outside the house! Stand back, Mrs Claus, make way for the holiday dervish!

What a nice time of year! Growing up, Christmas was magic. It became a thousand times more magical when Tristan came along! Throughout his childhood, there was always such incredible excitement! It's hard to believe his childhood is already behind us. He's fifteen now, but it's still so much fun.

I look forward to seeing Susan and Tristan open gifts I've chosen for them. I live dangerously and don't ask for lists of possible presents. Lists are no fun; whether giving or getting, I like the element of surprise!

The company Christmas party happened Friday night in Laval. In spite of the horse whinnies and Tarzan yell that I inadvertently contributed to the blooper reel, I somehow managed to win an awesome door prize! Not surprisingly, the new iPod Nano with multi-touch was quickly appropriated by the teen bean.

On the front windows of our house, Snoopy is glowing. Does anything say Christmas quite like Snoopy holding a sign that reads, "Let It Snow"?

Exactly. We're good to go.

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