Tuesday, November 9, 2010

September 14th All Over Again

What did I do to deserve this kind of pressure?
"Call of Duty Black Ops" came out today and, once again, my fatherly duties were required to far exceed my fatherly capacities!
I was asked by my dear boy to make sure I was at the store by the special 8am opening time to buy the latest installment of the "Call of Duty" video game franchise.
The first sixty people into the store would be entitled to a free "Call of Duty" tuque.
Do you think I expected to see eighty people lined-up at the door when I pulled up at eight o'clock sharp?
I jogged toward the door and joined the line ahead of a few other late stragglers.
As the line crept forward toward the cash, I thought to myself, "No way I'm getting the tuque."
By the time I made it to the cash, I was bug-eyed and twitching from badly frayed nerves.
I kept counting the number of customers in front of me, while watching the pile of free tuques steadily dwindle.
"Console?" the clerk asked.
"No, I just want the game," I responded, firmly.
"No, what platform do you play your game on?" demanded the clerk.
"It just sits on the top of my son's bureau, " I blithered, twitching, as another tuque lifted itself from the free tuque pile.
He took me by the hand and slowly guided me toward the cardboard boxes where the games were stacked, "Does one of these look more familiar to you, sir?"
"This one," I said meekly, pointing to the box with the green trim.
He handed me one and then asked which style of free tuque I wanted.
My son had given me strict instructions.
Deep breath.
What were his instructions?
Oh yeah, "the black with the grey" was the tuque my son wanted.
I chose the tuque, paid for the game with the money my son had saved up and shuffled back to the parking lot.
It looked like eighty people.
I'm hoping I can pull myself together by the time "Assassin's Creed Brotherhood" comes out.

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