Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CAA Rocks

I dropped off my son early today and headed home. It must have been 7:20 this morning when I called CAA to ask if we could get a boost for one of our vehicles. Attempts to start the car during Monday's biting cold had evidently drained the battery. The customer service representative told me someone would stop by within the next 90 minutes. The agent on the phone also reassured me they would call five minutes before arriving at our house.

I decided it would be wise to get my morning shower out of the way so that I would be ready to answer the door when CAA arrived. I turned on the water and started to shampoo my hair when the dogs began barking. I hurriedly turned off the water, jumped out of the shower and glanced down the hall to see someone standing outside our door.

I pulled on some pants and ran to the door. It was CAA. I told the fellow I had expected a call five minutes before his arrival. He shrugged and told me the notification system wasn't working. I told him I would be out in one minute to move the second vehicle out of the way. Telling me that wasn't necessary, he asked for the key and reassured me he would take care of it.

I quickly threw on a T-shirt, a coat, stuck my bare feet in boots and went outside. The vehicle was already purring comfortably. I showed my membership card, picture ID, signed his form and that was it. He suggested I keep the motor running for thirty minutes before turning off the engine.

I loaded up Moose and Spike and headed out on the highway for thirty minutes of cruising.

Had I written the script, I'm certain I would have made the plot less convenient.

CAA rocks!

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