Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekend Commute

It's a busy time of year at Susan's workplace and in order to keep pace with the volume of work, she had planned to log some hours at the office this weekend. She wasn't convinced she felt motivated enough to actually make the trip downtown. In the past, hoping it might provide added incentive, I'd offered to accompany her on the train ride. She admitted my company might help motivate her to make the commute. Once downtown, I would see a movie while she headed into the office. Afterward, we would take the train home.

After coaching her basketball team to a short-handed, come-from-behind win today, she decided to take train downtown.

The movie that best fit the train schedule and Susan's planned time commitment was the western re-make, "True Grit", starring Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon. I've always liked Westerns and own some newer versions such as "3:10 to Yuma" and "Tombstone", starring Kurt Russell. I also have such classics as "Red River", "Rio Bravo", "High Noon"  and "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance". I'd give this version of "True Grit" six on ten for good acting, decent story and tiresome dialogue.

After the movie, I sat in the food court at PVM waiting for Susan and listening to the newest songs I had downloaded onto my iPod.

We caught the train home and made it back in time to see Zdeno Chara rightfully win the hardest shot event at the NHL skills competition.

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