Friday, January 7, 2011

Sting Like A Hornet

I raced back in time with such intensity tonight, the rush of wind made my eyes water! I was suddenly propelled decades earlier in my life while listening to trumpeter Al Hirt play the theme song from the "Green Hornet". I can honestly say that, over the years, I've thought about the television show many times, but never bothered to follow up on my memories.

As we chatted after tonight's newscast, colleague Peter Anthony Holder played the theme off the internet. Wow, what a crazy feeling, zooming back in time at breakneck speed!

When I was a kid, I ate that stuff up; "Batman" and "Green Hornet"! I probably didn't see all twenty-six "Green Hornet" episodes that aired during its one year existence, but I certainly remember being thrilled by the shows I did see.

"Green Hornet" and his sidekick, "Kato", appeared in three episodes of "Batman". I still have my Corgi Batmobile with rear rocket launchers, exhaust flame, bat signal mags and pop-out front saw! I once was obliged to bring it into the rock radio station where I worked after the music director there, also a "Batman" fan, insisted I show it to him. I always wanted the Corgi "Black Beauty" model. I remember staring many times, longingly, at the toy version of Green Hornet's car through glass countertops.

I remembered the "Green Hornet" theme song, but didn't realize Al Hirt performed it. The music is an arrangement of Rimsky-Korsakov's "Flight of the Bumblebee". I remembered "Green Hornet's" secret identity, Britt Reid, but didn't know that, as Peter pointed out, "Green Hornet" was related to the Lone Ranger. For a time, "Green Hornet" stories declared Britt Reid was the Lone Ranger's great-nephew!

I had "Green Hornet" books, which I read several times.

I don't remember "Green Hornet" as a comedy, which is why I have no plans to rush to the movie theatre when the film is released later this month. Watching the television show all those decades ago, I had no idea the man playing Kato, Bruce Lee, was such an incredible athlete. It's too bad he wasn't around to make a cameo appearance.

Peter's kindly e-mailed me mp3 files of the "Green Hornet" theme song which I'll load onto my iPod, so I can sting myself as often as I like. However, I'm still going with the "Bat Cave" over "Green Hornet's" sliding billboard as my favorite secret car exit.

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