Friday, July 22, 2011

She Heard Every Word

It's been a long week work-wise and it hasn't. Working the morning radio show on "The Q" and then anchoring the evening news at the television station all this week, made for a lot of hours, but co-workers and the work itself, made it fun.

As much as she claims to enjoy hot water bottles and heating pads, there are, apparently, limits to how much heat one human can handle! Sarah, who's hosting the Q morning show right now, had a supper party at her place yesterday, the evening of the hottest day of the year! She ended-up apologizing for the heat to her dinner guests on-air this morning and because of the stifling heat, didn't sleep at all herself! During this morning's show, she informed me science has established, empirically, women use three times more words than men over the course of a day. It occurred to me at that point, her chattiness, not the "heat dome", might have been the reason the heat in her apartment became so unbearable.

Yes, Natasha, who was doing traffic, beat me soundly and roundly every day Sarah had us guessing the ages of celebrity birthday subjects, but to thump on the studio window where I was diligently writing newscasts and swing her clasped hands over her head in mock celebration, was, quite frankly, beyond good taste. Evidently, gloater girl is unaccustomed to winning!

Sarah is a self-confessed neat freak who enjoys cleaning bathrooms. She's a professional, smooth and pleasant host, as well as being, based on the photos on her smart phone, a fine abstract artist.

Working the board, the ever-attentive Chris, kept everything on-track with cues, tag info and smiles.

On Wednesday, Sarah hinted that I should bring in treats. Fine, I made a sincere effort to oblige. She seemed to barely tolerate the donut holes I brought in Thursday. On Friday, the wheels flew off as I innocently placed a package of "bridge mixture" on the studio table! I was summarily devastated on-air for my choice of treat and, at one point, she dismissed the candy as suited solely to "72 year olds"!

The people at Lowney should really know about this.

I've liked them for decades before concerns over hydrogenation forced me to drastically cut back. Are people so oblivious to the delightful variety inherent in this candy? I thought my discovery of a bridge mixture Facebook page might provide proof the treat is current and hip, but that backfired, big time! The page mentions "bridge parties, tea at senior centres and funeral receptions"; I'm thinking that's not likely to help sway the opinions of Sarah and Chris.

As part of a discussion, she asked me this morning on-air what things my wife does that annoy me. I wasn't going there and motivated by Darwinian instinct, cautiously replied, "Hi honey, I hope your train ride is going well." Susan and her network of spare ears are listening and, as it turns out, when I saw her at lunch, she had heard every word.

Filling-in was fun. Plus, I discovered two more songs for my iPod, "Night Like This" by Shawn Desman and "Insensitive" by Jann Arden.

I'm finishing a two-week stint today, filling-in on the television news desk; something I always enjoy doing (kindly refer to my "What A Year" blog, dated May 13, 2011).

On Wednesday, Tristan turned 16 and, the next day, he got help from his friend, Nathan, setting up his new Apple computer. I'm still wobbly over how quickly the time has passed.

The week ended with me preparing to leave the television station tonight as Peter was telling me about "Rizzoli & Isles",  a new show he's watching, starring Angie Harmon. He suddenly and unexpectedly volunteered a rather disturbing thought, aloud, "I think if I were to meet Angie Harmon, I'd lose control of every orifice."

Hmmmm, maybe that's why I'm wobbly.

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