Friday, July 15, 2011


Tristan put the latest album by The Script on my iPod and suggested I listen to the song, "Nothing". I listened to it twice while riding the train into work today and once more on the way home. It's nice, but darn sad; I feel for the guy. Later in the day, Tristan called me at work and, over the course of our conversation, he mentioned I should also give the song, "This Equals Love", a listen.

On the train home tonight, I looked for it. I scrolled and scanned and then scanned, scrolled and scoured, just to make very sure. I concluded that particular title wasn't on the song list for the album he had downloaded. I got home and confidently told him I couldn't find the "This Equals Love" song. I was quite sure it wasn't there! I casually handed him my iPod and suggested he attest to its absence himself. Two second later, oh, so cruelly scoffing and guffawing in my direction, he had found it. He demanded to know whether I was blind and so on and so on.


I can't get a break! I was forced to confess that when I use my iPod, rather than put my reading glasses on every time I change songs, I vainly go lens-free. I prefer to squint and pretend I can still read smaller type. It reassures me. Most times, I reliably find the song I'm looking for. As I searched the song titles to find "This Equals Love", I kept looking for the word "equals" because I was fairly certain the word "equals" would have jumped out at me! No such luck. I found no word "equals" in any of the titles listed on The Script's latest album.

It turns out the song is listed thusly, "This=love". My slightly blurred vision did not allow me to differentiate, discern, distinguish or recognize the symbol for "equals" and my brain had not offered up the perceptual possiblity that "equals" might have been depicted by its symbol as opposed to being spelled out.


I still refuse to wear glasses while searching my iPod for song titles and I can deal with the humiliation of having to explain how a shrimpy song title got past me.

Now, I'm bracing for a scorcher, Sunday. Susan loves the heat and never seems to sweat! One day this week, I can't remember whether it was Monday or Tuesday, the temperature tipped a hot and humid 33 degrees. Susan very kindly tackled the lawn in that heat! I came back from work, thanked her for mowing the grass and asked hopefully, "Did you at least sweat?"

"Just a few drops", she smiled. I would have unhappily and sloppily shed 62 pounds!

On the way to the train this week, while blinking stinging drops of sweat from my eyes, I found her Mmmmmuffins card lying in the grass in front of the municipal court building! We often eat lunch together downtown and she usually stops to buy a tea before we head back to work. The card looked familiar, so I bent down and picked it up. How many could there be lying between our house and the train station?

See, I can see!

Some mornings when it's hot and humid and I'm beginning my walk to the train, I'm dripping three steps from the door. It's morning and I'm already drenched!

Anchoring tonight's newscast, as the weather guy announced that with the humidity it would feel like 40 degrees Celsius Sunday, the director, Margo, muttered "disgusting", in my ear. I said, "If I'm outside on Sunday in 40 degree heat, I'll be disgusting; sweaty, sticky and stinky." She shot back, "Embrace it, own it."

I will try.

Maybe I'll listen to this=love.

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