Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Delights of Duncedom

Our instructions were strict. We were told to pull off the wrapping paper at exactly the same time. Inside, we each found our own bound booklet. Page one read, “This is a story about my two favorite guys.” Tristan and I looked at each other, waiting for authorization to turn the page. It was Christmas morning.

Page two read, “They both love watching hockey!” Page three was, by far, my favorite so far and a towering testament to how well Susan knows her "two favorite guys". It declared, “They both have no use for Don Cherry and his puppet Ron McLean!”

By this point, Susan had already excitedly asked us whether we knew what was coming. I had no clue. Page four continued to confirm our accurate, though highly subjective assessments, negative and positive, about the talents of other hockey broadcasters. Page five elaborated on our hockey allegiances, “They are both fans of the Sens and also like the Oilers!”

Again and now incredulous, Susan asked us whether we knew where our booklets were leading. I remember blankly looking at Tristan, hoping he’d take the pressure off his squirming, dunce cap-adorned father by providing our wonderful wife and mother with the answer she so eagerly sought. Unfortunately, he, like me, had nothing.

Two pages later, we saw Sens-Oilers tickets and finally, lights bulbs of understanding faintly flickered. We were so excited!

Yesterday, we attended the game that was our Christmas gift; Senators versus Oilers at Scotiabank Place in Ottawa. Our seats were five rows from the ice!

We had great fun! Unfortunately, the Sens lost in overtime, but we got to see Alfie and Michalak score and, after witnessing it up close, we marvelled at Hall’s blazing speed! Past his prime but having a better season than last year, a pre-game ceremony marked Ottawa defenseman Chris Phillips’ 1000th game in the NHL. There were little souvenir towels on every chair in the building.
Ask me if I knew his nickname was "Big Rig"
Susan taped the game for us. We found ourselves in the crowd and snapped a picture off our television. Actually, I tried using my digital camera to snap a picture off our television, but my camera wouldn't, or couldn't, focus. Tristan's fancy pants iPhone4 camera snapped it, no problem.

Could the league ask for a more attentive pair of fans?
To this day, Susan cannot believe we were unable to figure out where the booklet was leading! It was Christmas morning, our hearts and minds were hopping and skipping with excitement; we couldn't possibly think straight!

Still, I’m already looking forward to next Christmas and, to be on the safe side, I’ve decided to have my dunce cap decorated.

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