Sunday, February 19, 2012

To Two More...

I had a diamond ring in my pocket as I steered the car into the snow-covered parking lot of the closed Orange Julep. I had a dozen red roses and one yellow rose in the car. There was a photographer waiting in the dark.

A few years earlier, our first date had been at that spot.

I got out, got down on one knee and proposed to Susan. She said, "yes"! It was February 14th, 1992 and we were on our way to Mon Village restaurant when I made the unscheduled stop.

Last night we went back to Mon Village to celebrate the two decades that have past since the proposal.
Picture by Tristan and used with permission

When I was telling Tristan about that night, I mentioned that Susan called her Mom. He asked where she called from and my reflex was to say, "Her cell phone," but then I realized we didn't have cell phones! Crazy.

Last night we had a cozy time, toasting, "To two more decades".

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