Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pants, A Pain in the Butt

So much for sitting behind the anchor desk in comfy pants. No more cheating; no more projecting the illusion of a complete suit. For the last two weeks, I’ve actually been wearing an entire suit!

What happened to the delectable days when I could park my butt on the anchor chair wearing jeans, cords or comfy slacks? As strange as it sounds, progress means pants!

The newscast has a new set and, on most nights, the anchor stands for the opening shot. It may only last a mere ten to twenty seconds, but it requires me to be upright and visible, thereby forcing me, obliging me, to wear a complete suit.


Laziness compromised

It’s not enough that I have to contend with the untold stresses of applying countless layers of high-definition make-up on a nightly basis (see Jan 17 blog "HD = Heavy Duty"), but now, it seems, I must also ensure garment presentability from head-to-toe!

For the last two weeks, I have been required to dress for the newscast, not just in a shirt, tie and jacket, but also in dress socks, dress shoes, belt and dress pants.

Prior to February 6th, I could work around the newsroom in my choice of comfortable slacks, cords, trousers or occasional jeans and then, at air time, because I was sitting behind a desk, I could, lazily, continue wearing the same comfortable slacks, cords, trousers or occasional jeans while reading the news!

Ah, those were the days.

The additional prep time, HD make-up and complete suit, is worth it, though. While discussing the new set and its inherent clothing requirements with Trena, producer of our late-night newscast, I was, admittedly, compelled to use words like “eye-catching” and “dazzling”. The word “massive” also applies! The new computer-generated studio is positively mammothian (not yet in dictionary), not to mention darn stylish!

Fear not, that reckless rebel in me is still twitching. If ever the newscast starts with a shot of me sitting behind the desk, hold your breath people, I may well be in slacks, cords, trousers or occasional jeans!

Wild and crazy lives on; I never once applied the lip balm in that gigantic make-up bag and I haven’t been putting make-up on my eyelids. You heard it here first.

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