Thursday, June 6, 2013

Morning Twist

He was in our studio a few weeks ago, eloquently promoting McHappy Day! I’ve met the diving sensation before and, as usual, Alexandre was a pleasure to interview. He just happened to be at our studio on, as Camille pointed out, “No Socks Day” and he happily lifted his leg to show he was celebrating appropriately!

Having already heard rumors, I peppered him on-air with questions, prompts and provocations in the hopes Despatie might spill the beans on our show, but to no avail! The beans were spilled today, as we learned one of Canada’s greatest athletes is changing platforms.

Quebec’s anglophone community certainly wins, with two Montreal-based English language morning shows. Communities are being connected and that’s wonderful news! Quebec’s anglophone community is being connected with francophones and francophones are being connected with anglophones and, of course, anglos are being connected to each other.

All of it promotes communication, understanding and unity; we hope, essential ingredients in Quebec's quest  to keep moving forward.

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