Saturday, June 1, 2013

No Mistake Here

Since I was a young child, music has been my therapy, recreation and salvation.

Up or down, music has put me back on track and keeps me there.

I thrive writing it, performing it, listening to it and observing its performance. I’ve performed as part of an orchestra, combo, duo and as a solo artist. I’ve had the honor of singing national anthems in front of hundreds and tens of thousand of people. As a musician, I’ve experienced attention, appreciation, standing ovations, adulation and I’ve basked in one of the great life fuels – applause.

I owe music so much.

Even now, privileged to be working in television in an incredibly vital city, I am committed to exposing music to people and people to music! Up until now, our new morning show has travelled to musicians in order to tape musical segments with Effusion A Capella, MIJF Blues Camp, Paul Deslauriers and Dawn Tyler Watson.

We have not yet had artists perform in our morning show studio, but, my boss, Karen, vows it’s a goal toward which we are working.

To that end, a few Global Montreal musicians, Paul, Alain, Phil and myself, jammed in the morning show studio yesterday so our directors could put our equipment and themselves to the test, with a view to having more acts perform on our show.

By all accounts, the test went well!

Whether it’s John Paul Jones, John Densmore, Ben Harper, the Appice brothers (see last blog), Walter Rossi, Chubby Checker or Judi Richards, who I listened to when she was singing with Toulouse, working in the media has afforded me the opportunity to meet and speak with so many great musicians!

Johnny Reznik of The Goo Goo Dolls
Yesterday, I met Johnny Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls and, through Global Montreal, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Sarah Brightman (see "Dazzling Diva" April 20, 2013) and Steve Hill (see "Stellar Steve" June 8, 2012).

Many of the friends I had in college, have gone on to impressive music careers and it’s been fun interviewing them on various occasions! The exception would be Ron wrestling a necktie over my head as I interviewed him at the beginning of April! Lol

I’m eager to go back into the recording studio in early August to record some new songs.

It was Nietzsche who commented, “Without music, life would be a mistake.”

No mistake here.

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