Sunday, June 30, 2013

Punting Nostalgia

I bought a bunch of songs by the Canadian prairie band, Streetheart, a couple of weeks ago. Now, every time I listen to them, I’m transported back to Currie Gym, when, as students at McGill, some buddies and I went to a dance featuring the band.

I was a fan then and, after recently downloading the Streetheart songs I remember from the late seventies and early eighties, I discovered I’m still a fan!

Streetheart’s “Under My Thumb” remains my favorite version of the Stones’ classic song!

The band earned six gold albums, four platinum albums, a gold single and a Juno Award, yet another reflection of my good taste in music!

I hate climbing into my time machine. Feeling nostalgic and dismayed over the lightning-fast passage of time rarely proves to be an enjoyable experience but, in the case of Streetheart, I can’t resist; besides, when you crank their tunes up loud enough, wistful nostalgia is punted aside in favor of the urge to flat-out rock!

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