Monday, January 5, 2015

Holiday Happiness

We’ve had so many wonderful and talented musicians on our show over the nearly two years we’ve been on the air. Speaking of which, the second anniversary of our morning show is just weeks away!

As we headed into the holiday season, I contacted quite a few of the musicians who’ve visited us over the last several months to ask whether they’d be willing to come on Global Montreal Morning News to perform Christmas tunes.

Dynamite Montreal rock band “The Damn Truth” came on our show and did a spellbinding version of “Amazing Grace”. Ethno-classical duo Beija Flor, who you see in this picture, with Charles on guitar and the season-appropriately named Marie-Noelle on flute, performed themes from the holiday favorite, “The Nutcracker”.

The Carolyn Fe Blues Collective, who got all dolled up for their early morning performance, did a groovin’ holiday tune and 18 year old tenor Marco Bocchiccio sang “Santa Claus is Coming To Town”. Ensemble Ko performed wonderful traditional Christmas carols and the Lyric Theatre Singers were typically terrific!

Carolyn Fe Blues Collective

December Rose, who performed for our entire 2013 Christmas Eve show, came in to sing a smooth and oh so cleverly choreographed version of “Santa Baby” on December 24th!

One of our crew favourites is the women who form the a cappella group Montreal City Voices, who came on during the holidays for a performance laced with their usual zeal and panache!

It’s such great fun to have musical artists on our show! I believe it adds so much to our content quality and originality, plus it gives our television station a chance to support local art, culture and community.

We had a special appearance by M.T.L. (Made Them Lions), a bunch of local guys who’ve been getting considerable commercial success with their first album. Their first hit “Crazy” did well and on our Christmas Eve show, they announced plans for their first nationwide release with the song, “Forgotten How To Dream”. It's out now as (look at me - so in the loop) the guys do some songwriting and skiing in Vermont right now.

We pre-taped their segment after our December 23rd show to air it the next day on our Christmas Eve show.

The guys ran through “All I Want For Christmas” once and we asked them to do it again as we tweaked the sound. They ran through it twice and then three times as we tweaked some more! Finally, we did the interview and the song for real, only right after the interview, I dashed into the control room to listen to them sing and blurted out a comment while my microphone was still “hot”, meaning we could hear me talk in the middle of their song! Nice going Rich! They gladly did the song a fifth time while I was properly muzzled and then we edited the interview together with the final song version and aired it Christmas Eve.

Through it all, the guys were smiling, patient and grateful to be on the show. How awesome is that! How awesome are they? How awesome are all our musical guests? I thank all of them and many not named here for their generosity, patience, professionalism and for sharing their talent with us and our viewers.

I’m already stoked for the 2015 holiday season; I'm keeping my fingers crossed they are too!

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