Sunday, January 18, 2015

Life Is Grand

A grand.
I know.
It’s all relative - and always will be.

Justin Bieber has 59.3 million twitter followers.
I just tipped 1,000.

I’ll take it.
It’s kind of fun!

I like twitter; it’s a simple and quick way to keep in touch with people who are interested and interesting. 

I’ve tweeted thousands of times about all kinds of stuff; thoughts, music, pictures, nonsense and all kinds of quasi-insightful information about the fun I’m having meeting people and working in our amazing city on Global Montreal Morning News!

I appreciate having people consider my tweets and it's been fun corresponding with tweeps!
Gee, I have another G to tell you about.

I’ve been a musician since I sang in the school choir in elementary school, touring institutions for the elderly to sing Christmas carols. I was touring high schools in the city with our school’s production of "Joseph and His Technicolor Dreamcoat". I’ve performed at countless weddings and corporate functions. I’ve been given standing ovations at university talent shows and I’ve sang anthems at sporting events. It's always exciting and gratifying! 

Also, exciting and gratifying is being on youtube, where my cover of Bruce Hornsby's wonderful love song "Mandolin Rain" just reached 1,000 views!

Yee-haw! I feel so brilliantly leading edge.

I’m fully aware, in the grand scheme of things, my reaching 1,000 followers on twitter and 1,000 views on youtube is barely blip-worthy. Yet, for me, never opposed to modest and vehemently against overstatement, it rates as noteworthy and as proof yet again, life is ever so grand.

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