Sunday, January 25, 2015

Workout Incentive

Since the picture went up, the wisecracks have been surprisingly varied in their levels of inherent hilarity but reassuringly steady in their frequency.

The picture dates back to January 8th, the day after fitness columnist Jennifer Rochon did her segment on meeting fitness goals for the New Year. She insisted one effective way to meet your goals is to put your face on top of the physique you strive to achieve and then place the picture on your refrigerator door.

The picture, according to Jennifer, should provide added motivation and incentive to get it done.

One of our show directors that day, Bruno, Bruno LeFou on Facebook, generously decided to provide me added motivation by preparing a picture and posting it outside the wall of the morning show pod.

When she was back last week to do her fitness segment, Bruno, Bruno LeFou on Facebook, showed the picture to Jennifer who, reportedly, busted a gut.

Don’t think me ungrateful, but the picture seems to be motivating others far more than it’s motivating me, although, at this rate, I could still come around.

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